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We specialise in WordPress malware removal

Is your WordPress site acting strangely? You might be facing common malware issues like malicious redirects, pharma hacks, or hidden backdoors. These threats can damage your reputation, lower your SEO rankings, and compromise sensitive data. Our expert team specializes in identifying and eliminating these threats, ensuring your site is secure, functional, and trustworthy. Protect your online presence today with our comprehensive malware removal services.

We clean many WordPress sites a day, and guarantee those fixes.

WordPress Secured
WordPress Malware removal

Is your WordPress Infected?

We can clean, secure, fix, and maintain your WordPress website
to prevent future malware attacks.

  • We can start right away and provide quick turn around

  • Enforce WordPress and server side Security

  • Continuous monitoring and protection

  • Live Chat support

Just $99 to clear up malware/adware scripts from your WordPress™, or pick up a monthly maintenance plan that offers ongoing monitoring and security. Chat with us now!

How we clean your WordPress?

We conduct a comprehensive, multi-stage cleanup process.

            • Initially, we meticulously scan the existing codebase, ensuring alignment with the hash of the original source code.
            • Following this, we manually inspect common infection points and carry out additional cleanup.
            • Moving on to the third stage, our thorough database scan identifies and addresses any issues that require cleanup.
            • Lastly, we initiate a reindexing request with Google to complete the final step of the process.