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Fix WordPress Errors

We can fix all errors related to WordPress like error 404, error 500, any aort of errors related to plugin or theme.

Site Optimization

Site Optimization can include tasks related to website speed. If you think your website is slow then we can help you optimize it.

Plugin Issues

If you aren’t finding an appropriate plugin for your functionality, we can help you with that matter, either by plugin customization or WordPress Plugin Development.

General Issues

General Issues can include redesign work, adjustment of texts, font colors, font size, image alignment, content change, Wordpress Custom Development and all sorts of tasks.

Responsiveness Issues

We all know today every website should be platform independent and many websites are not. Therefore we can help you making your website device friendly.

Monthly Maintenance

Some tasks should be performed on a regular period of time, like plugin and theme updates, compatibility issues, website content change and all sorts of tasks.


Every e-commerce platform is different in its own way and sometimes default woocommerce plugin doesn’t deliver everything you need for your online store.


Clone your website to a staging area, migrate to a new host, or clone to an existing site. We do all the gritty work for you, just point us in the right direction.

Theme Issues

WordPress Theme Development can include some customization in your theme, creation of new themes or child themes, new custom functionalities etc.


Prime Hide Leather

If you’re looking for stylish leather products for men or women, then you’ve come to the right place. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, and work hard to create products which are stylish, elegant while at the same time remaining functional and durable.

Products which are made to last

Once you buy a product from us, it’s made to last, so you’ll have decades of pleasure from it, and they’re all made from best quality leather.

Prime Hide Leather

Jameson Knight

There is a reason so many people come back to Jameson Knight Estates to buy, sell and rent. As an agent with over 40 years experience we are a highly professional London estate agent, with an extremely high return rate of clients.

Whether you are interested in investment properties in London, you wish to buy an off-plan new development, you are stepping onto the ladder as a first time buyer, or you just want to buy property or rent the perfect family home; we can help.

Jameson Knight

Waves Chalet Rental

Waves Chalet Rental is dedicated to ensure that the rental of your holiday home runs smoothly, by offering you a friendly and personal service at competitive rates. With our office on site, and our staff always available to holiday-makers, we believe in building a valued relationship with all of our visitors.

We have a range of both one and two bedroom self catering chalets available for weekly hire, or for those who prefer just a few days along the sunny south coast, both midweek and weekend breaks can be arranged.

Waves Chalet Rental


Opiokalos is an online review community aiming to change the way services are offered in Cyprus.

Our reviews help people make better informed decisions but they also challenge service providers to learn from feedback and engage authentically with prospects and customers. We believe in the power of community and we are committed to being the most trusted and useful site for people looking for local services in Cyprus.


Yummy Sounds


We have developed Yummy Sounds since 2015 for commercial marketing agency’s, motion designers & filmmaker. I am motion designer & composer myself and for my job I was looking for more music than I can create on my own. I spend hours & days on stock music pages and I got sick of listening through all the bad quality music.

Yummy Sounds


We are a WordPress Development Agency and we have a team of over 15+ dedicated WordPress Developers with over 5+ years of experience. You can hire our Developers dedicated to your projects or make a dynamic team for your project requirements.


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